The Office of Environmental Health and Safety aims to create and maintain a safe and hygienic environment to facilitate teaching and research activities on campus. Our job is to prevent accidents from occurring in research venues or laboratories, to safeguard faculties, students and staffs from any harm or injury on campus, and to enforce the management of environmental protection, vocational safety and sanitation. Closely following the regulations of environment safety set by the government, the mission of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety is summarized as follows.
1. To formulate the University’s policies in environmental health and safety, as well as to provide assistance for all departments and offices to deal with issues or concerns about environmental health and safety.
2. To periodically evaluate the environmental health and safety issues of all research venues and laboratories.
3. To form strategies for environmental improvement in research venues and laboratories.
4. To offer consultations about the regulations in environmental health and safety.
5. To manage other relevant issues in environmental health and safety.